Automotive, Car & Accessories

Automotive-Helmets, Pressure Washer, Vacuum Cleaners, Air Fresheners, Air Purifiers, And Other9%
Automotive- Car And Bike Parts, Brakes, Styling And Body Fitting, Transmission, Engine Parts, Exhaust Systems, Interior Fitting, Suspension And Wipers13%
Automotive- Other22%
Automotive- Cleaning Kits,11%
Automotive- Accessories15%
Automotive- Electronics12%

Baby Products, Toys & Education

Baby Product- Other8%
Baby Product- Hardlines10%
Craft Materials10%

Books, Music, Movies, Video Games

DJ&VJ Equipment, Computer, Cables & Leads, Microphones, PA& Stage11%
Video Games-Consoles9%

Industrial, Medical, Scientific Supplies & Office Products

Weighing Scales14%
Commercial Kitchen & Refrigeration Equipment7%
Business & Industrial Supplies – Power tools & accessories, Welding Machines, Microscopes, Industrial Electrical Products11%
Occupational Safety Supplies7%
Testing & Measuring Instruments, Tapes & Adhesives, Packaging Material, Printer, Barcode scanner7%
Office Product10%
Office Product- Machines& Electronic devices11%

Clothing, Fashion, Fashion Accessories, Jewelry, Luggage, Shoes

Apparel- Accessories16%
Sweat Shirt & Jackets15%
Other Innerwear14%
Apparel- Men-Accessories16%
Men-Sweat Shirt & Jackets15%
Men -Kurtas , Kurtis and Suit, sherwani, shirt, t-shirt17%
Apparel-Women’s – Accessories16%
Women’s-Sweat Shirt & Jackets15%
Women’s Kurtas, Kurtis, and Salwar Suit17%
Women’s- Innerwear14%

Electronics (Camera, Mobile, PC, Wireless) & Accessories

Cables- Electronics, PC, Wireless22%
Camera Accessories13%
Camera Lenses9%
Camera & Camcorder7%
Cases, Covers, Skins, Screen Gard, and Digital Products6%
Electronic Accessories ( Electronics, PC & Wireless)19%
Electronic Devices11%
Fashion Smart Watches17%
GPS Devices15%
Hard Disks10%
Headsets, Headphones, And Earphones20%
Keyboards & mouses15%
Kindle Accessories27%
Laptop Bags & Sleeves11%
Laptop & Camera Battery14%
Memory Cards14%
Mobile Phones & Tablets ( Including Graphic Tablets)7%
Modems & Networking Devices16%
PC Components ( RAM, Motherboards)7%
Power Banks20%
Printers & Scanners20%
Landline Phones8%
USB Flash Drives ( Pen Drives18%
Projectors, Home Theatre Systems, Binoculars & Telescopes8%

Grocery, Food & Pet Supplies

Grocery & Gourmet – Other6%
pet Product8%
Grocery and Gourmet – Hampers and gifting8%

Health, Beauty, Personal Care & Personal Care Appliances

Beauty – Fragrance10%
Beauty Products7%
Facial steamers9%
Health & Personal Care (HPC) – Medical Equipment & Contact Lens10%
Health and Personal Care – Ayurvedic products, Oral care, hand sanitizers, Pooja supplies8%
Health & Personal Care (HPC) – Nutrition11%
Health & Personal Care (HPC) – Other Subcategories13%
Health and Personal Care – Other Household Supplies6%
Health and Personal Care – Contact lenses and reading glasses14%
Luxury Beauty7%
Car Cradles, Lens Kits, and Tablet Cases23%
Personal Care Appliances – Electric Massagers11%
Personal Care Appliances (Grooming & Styling)12%
Personal Care Appliances – Glucometer and Glucometer Strips7%
Personal Care Appliances – Thermometers10%
Personal Care Appliances – Weighing Scales and Fat Analyzers12%
Personal Care Appliances – Other Products9%

Home, Décor, Home Improvement, Furniture, Outdoor, Lawn & Garden

Bean Bags & Inflatables13%
Home – Fragrance & Candles12%
Carpets, Bedsheets, Blankets, and covers8%
Home Furnishing14%
Home improvement – Wallpapers15%
Home improvement (excl. accessories), including Home Security Systems11%
Ladders, Kitchen, and Bath fixtures10%
Home Storage12%
Home – Other Subcategories19%
Home – Waste & Recycling8%
Home – Posters19%
Indoor Lighting – Others18%
Indoor Lighting – Wall, ceiling fixture lights, lamp bases, lampshades, and Smart Lighting14%
LED Bulbs and Battens9%
Cushion Covers12%
Slipcovers and Kitchen Linens16%
Lawn & Garden – Commercial Agricultural Products6%
Lawn & Garden- Chemical Pest Control, Mosquito nets, Bird Control, Plant protection, Foggers8%
Lawn & Garden – Solar Devices (Panels, Inverters, Charge controller, Battery, Lights, Solar gadgets)7%
Lawn and Garden – Planters, Fertilizers, Watering, and other subcategories7%
Lawn and Garden – Plants, Seeds & Bulbs11%
Lawn & Garden – Outdoor equipment (Saws, Lawn Mowers, Cultivators, Tiller, String Trimmers, Water Pumps, Generators, Barbeque Grills, Greenhouses)7%

Kitchen, Large & Small Appliances

Kitchen- Non Appliances (including Glassware and Ceramicware)8%
Kitchen – Glassware & Ceramicware8%
Kitchen – Gas Stoves & Pressure Cookers9%
Large Appliances (excl. Accessories, Refrigerators, and Chimneys)7%
Large Appliances – Accessories18%
Large Appliances – Chimneys9%
Large Appliances – Refrigerators7%
Small Appliances7%
Fans and Robotic Vacuums7%

Sports, Gym & Sporting Equipment

Gym Equipment’s11%
Sports- Cricket and Badminton Equipments,8%
Tennis, Table Tennis, Squash,8%
Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Throwball,8%
Sports & Outdoors – Footwear16%
Sports & Outdoors – Other Products11%


Coin Collectibles17%
Consumable Physical Gift Card7%
Fine Art22%
Silver Coins & Bars6%
Sports Collectibles15%
Wall Art15%
Warranty Services32%