For the affiliate If there are multiple Amounts set for the same action, like Ranks, Offers, Product, or Category rate the Biggest will be taken into consideration. You check that from  here.

CategoryLo Faro CommissionAffiliate Commission
Automotive, Car & Accessories
Automotive-Helmets, Pressure Washer, Vacuum Cleaners, Air Fresheners, Air Purifiers, And Other9.00%1.80%
Automotive- Car And Bike Parts, Brakes, Styling And Body Fitting, Transmission, Engine Parts, Exhaust Systems, Interior Fitting, Suspension And Wipers15.00%3%
Automotive- Other22.00%5.70%
Automotive- Cleaning Kits,11.00%2.40%
Automotive- Accessories15.00%3.60%
Automotive- Electronics12.00%2.70%
Baby Products, Toys & Education
Baby Product- Other8.00%1.50%
Baby Product- Hardlines10.00%2.10%
Craft Materials10.00%1%
Books, Music, Movies, Video Games
DJ&VJ Equipment, Computer, Cables & Leads, Microphones, PA& Stage11.00%2.40%
Video Games-Consoles9.00%1.80%
Industrial, Medical, Scientific Supplies & Office Products
Weighing Scales14.00%3.30%
Commercial Kitchen & Refrigeration Equipment7.00%1.20%
Business & Industrial Supplies – Power tools & accessories, Welding Machines, Microscopes, Industrial Electrical Products11.00%2.40%
Occupational Safety Supplies7.00%1.20%
Testing & Measuring Instruments, Tapes & Adhesives, Packaging Material, Printer, Barcode scanner7.00%1.20%
Office Product10.00%3%
Office Product- Machines& Electronic devices11.00%4.00%
Clothing, Fashion, Fashion Accessories, Jewelry, Luggage, Shoes
Apparel- Accessories16.00%2.10%
Sweat Shirt & Jackets15.00%2.40%
Other Innerwear14.00%3.60%
Apparel- Men-Accessories16.00%3.90%
Men-Sweat Shirt & Jackets15.00%3.90%
Men -Kurtas , Kurtis and Suit, sherwani, shirt, t-shirt17.00%3.60%
Apparel-Women’s – Accessories16.00%3.90%
Women’s-Sweat Shirt & Jackets15.00%3.90%
Women’s Kurtas, Kurtis, and Salwar Suit17.00%3.60%
Women’s- Innerwear14.00%3.90%
Electronics (Camera, Mobile, PC, Wireless) & Accessories
Cables- Electronics, PC, Wireless22.00%3.90%
Camera Accessories13.00%3.90%
Camera Lenses9.00%3%
Camera & Camcorder7.00%2%
Cases, Covers, Skins, Screen Gard, and Digital Products6.00%1%
Electronic Accessories ( Electronics, PC & Wireless)19.00%3%
Electronic Devices11.00%1.80%
Fashion Smart Watches17.00%1.20%
GPS Devices15.00%0.90%
Hard Disks10.00%1.50%
Headsets, Headphones, And Earphones20.00%4.80%
Keyboards & mouses15.00%2.40%
Kindle Accessories27.00%4.20%
Laptop Bags & Sleeves11.00%3.60%
Laptop & Camera Battery14.00%2.10%
Memory Cards14.00%3.60%
Mobile Phones & Tablets ( Including Graphic Tablets)7.00%2.00%
Modems & Networking Devices16.00%2.40%
PC Components ( RAM, Motherboards etc)7.00%1.50%
Power Banks20.00%3.30%
Printers & Scanners20.00%1.20%
Landline Phones8.00%1.20%
USB Flash Drives ( Pen Drives18.00%5.10%
Projectors, Home Theatre Systems, Binoculars & Telescopes8.00%2.00%
Grocery, Food & Pet Supplies
Grocery & Gourmet – Other6.00%1.50%
pet Product8.00%1.50%
Grocery and Gourmet – Hampers and gifting8.00%1.50%
Health, Beauty, Personal Care & Personal Care Appliances
Beauty – Fragrance10.00%0.90%
Beauty Products7.00%1.50%
Facial steamers9.00%2.10%
Health & Personal Care (HPC) – Medical Equipment & Contact Lens10.00%1.20%
Health and Personal Care – Ayurvedic products, Oral care, hand sanitizers, Pooja supplies8.00%1.50%
Health & Personal Care (HPC) – Nutrition11.00%1.80%
Health & Personal Care (HPC) – Other Subcategories13.00%2.10%
Health and Personal Care – Other Household Supplies6.00%1.50%
Health and Personal Care – Contact lenses and reading glasses14.00%2.40%
Luxury Beauty7.00%2%
Car Cradles, Lens Kits, and Tablet Cases23.00%0.90%
Personal Care Appliances – Electric Massagers11.00%3.30%
Personal Care Appliances (Grooming & Styling)12.00%1.20%
Personal Care Appliances – Glucometer and Glucometer Strips7.00%2%
Personal Care Appliances – Thermometers10.00%2.40%
Personal Care Appliances – Weighing Scales and Fat Analyzers12.00%2.70%
Personal Care Appliances – Other Products9.00%1.20%
Home, Décor, Home Improvement, Furniture, Outdoor, Lawn & Garden
Bean Bags & Inflatables13.00%2.10%
Home – Fragrance & Candles12.00%3%
Carpets, Bedsheets, Blankets, and covers8.00%2.10%
Home Furnishing14.00%2.70%
Home improvement – Wallpapers15.00%2.70%
Home improvement (excl. accessories), including Home Security Systems11.00%1.50%
Ladders, Kitchen, and Bath fixtures10.00%3.30%
Home Storage12.00%3.60%
Home – Other Subcategories19.00%2.40%
Home – Waste & Recycling8.00%2.10%
Home – Posters19.00%2.70%
Indoor Lighting – Others18.00%4.80%
Indoor Lighting – Wall, ceiling fixture lights, lamp bases, lampshades, and Smart Lighting14.00%1.50%
LED Bulbs and Battens9.00%3.00%
Cushion Covers12.00%4.50%
Slipcovers and Kitchen Linens16.00%3.30%
Lawn & Garden – Commercial Agricultural Products6.00%1.80%
Lawn & Garden- Chemical Pest Control, Mosquito nets, Bird Control, Plant protection, Foggers8.00%2.70%
Lawn & Garden – Solar Devices (Panels, Inverters, Charge controller, Battery, Lights, Solar gadgets)7.00%3.00%
Lawn and Garden – Planters, Fertilizers, Watering, and other subcategories7.00%0.90%
Lawn and Garden – Plants, Seeds & Bulbs11.00%1.50%
Lawn & Garden – Outdoor equipment (Saws, Lawn Mowers, Cultivators, Tiller, String Trimmers, Water Pumps, Generators, Barbeque Grills, Greenhouses)7.00%1.20%
Kitchen, Large & Small Appliances
Kitchen- Non Appliances (including Glassware and Ceramicware)8.00%2.40%
Kitchen – Glassware & Ceramicware8.00%1.20%
Kitchen – Gas Stoves & Pressure Cookers9.00%1.50%
Large Appliances (excl. Accessories, Refrigerators, and Chimneys)7.00%1.50%
Large Appliances – Accessories18.00%1.80%
Large Appliances – Chimneys9.00%1.20%
Large Appliances – Refrigerators7.00%2.00%
Small Appliances7.00%1.80%
Fans and Robotic Vacuums7.00%1.20%
Sports, Gym & Sporting Equipment
Gym Equipment’s11.00%2.10%
Sports- Cricket and Badminton Equipments,8.00%2.40%
Tennis, Table Tennis, Squash,8.00%1.50%
Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Throwball,8.00%1.50%
Sports & Outdoors – Footwear16.00%1.50%
Sports & Outdoors – Other Products11.00%3.90%
Coin Collectibles17.00%4.20%
Consumable Physical Gift Card7.00%1.20%
Fine Art22.00%5.70%
Silver Coins & Bars6.00%0.90%
Sports Collectibles15.00%3.60%
Wall Art15.00%3.60%
Warranty Services32.00%8.70%